Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Business Basics: Introduction

One of the interesting things about being a consultant and trainer is that over the years you find that some of the same issues recur on regular basis. The great thing about this for a consultant is that we can quickly come up with an opinion, viewpoint or (ideally) an answer because we have already thought about it. The surprising thing is that many of the repeating issues are fairly standard issues in business, and are addressed in lots of books, training videos, MBA courses etc. You might think that they would never occur again – but they do. And as a consultant I find myself saying some of the same lines over again to different clients.

I thought it might be useful, for me as well as any clients, to put some of these on the blog. I make no claims for these to be the result of years of scientific study, or to be the leading edge of business management research. For that read Harvard Business Review. This simply an occasional series of posts dealing with some of the common issues in business. You may disagree (with either the problem or the answer), and I look forward to hearing from you if you do.

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