Monday, 5 October 2009

Rio 2016

Hard to believe that it is more than 4 years since London won the right to stage the 2012 Olympics. What a thrill it was, coupled with a certain Schadenfreude at the French disappointment. London 2012 made a great pitch - pointing out the UK is such as young country, and that London is one of the great international cities. Maybe only New York has that same buzz. And now less than 3 years until the Games themselves.

Although it may have been easier for UK companies to get business in Madrid or Chicago because of proximity or a common language, there should be lots of opportunities in Rio. The fact that this is the first Olympics in South America, means that there will not be the level of established infrastructure and preferred suppliers that there is in Europe and North America.
Obviously some of that will develop during the World cup of 2014 - but the page will be blanker than it is for most Games, and UK companies should have the momentum coming out of 2012 to do well.

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