Monday, 18 July 2011

London - Olympics and Ethics

I was lucky enough to come into London Liverpool Street Station from Suffolk, which passes right past the Olympic Park. With a year to say I think it looks great. Very exciting. Hopefully going to be a success.

The local paper is full of the resignation of the Chief of the Metropolitan Police. Regardless of the links to the News of the World, I find it hard to believe that anyone could accept five weeks at a health club without realising that this would compromise their position. A junior officer would surely have been sacked. A very unfortunate error of judgement, even if nothing untoward arose.

There is a role for informal meetings, dinners and hospitality. It builds trust and allows a deeper relationship. Which is both the point and the risk. It can be difficult to know where the line is. 5 weeks at a health club (which is what is reported) is surely a long, long way past that line for anyone in public life or public office. In business, it may be different (though I suspect not).

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