Thursday, 23 April 2020

Quality and Price are not necessarily linked.

The School of Life is basically about the philosophy of living.  Now, you might think that many of us are too busy to even think about that - they have thoughts on that too.

I just came across an article of theirs that touches on that old problem for procurement - things that are more expensive are not necessarily better than things that are cheap.  My wittering about oil the past few days is a good example - the "free" oil is not inferior to the oil that was being sold for $70/barrel earlier in the year.

We do tend though to imbue more expensive things with more value, and value of course is often subjective rather than objective.

It is often difficult to work with our colleagues and make sure that we are getting the right specification, and not just using price as a proxy for Quality.

Anyway, the article is here - part of a much longer series.

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