Monday, 28 April 2008

Hints and tips for writing winning proposals

First, remember that whoever is doing this probably has a lot of bids to read – and a day job to go back to.

1. Be concise – buyers don’t want to have to wade through 2 inches of paper
2. Answer the question – the one asked, not the one you want to answer, or feel they should have asked
a. If you want to answer those as well, but always answer the question as asked
b. If the ITT asks for a day rate give a day rate, not an hourly rate
3. Be clear
4. Don’t be fussy or too ornate
5. Give information in the requested format
6. If you have an alternative proposal include it as well as the requested proposal not instead
7. Include all the documentation requested
8. Look at the scoring mechanism – it will remind you what is important
9. Don’t be afraid to repeat information in different sectons
a. Sometimes proposals are split up, and it makes it easier to read if the information is repeated rather than being told to “see section 10) – remember a happy marker is your friend
10. Don’t let the proposal look like it is a proforma or knocked off by the office junior in their lunchhour
a. Good quality paper, glossy covers help – origami does not

Remember that the buying team can either evaluate bids or answer your questions about when the process will be complete – not both

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