Monday, 15 August 2011

UK Government Spending

My friends at BIP Solutions have just sent round an e-mail highlighting their Tracker Spend Analysis service.
The most interesting part of the e-mail is too look at how much money the government has spent so far this year - see quotoation below

With a total spend so far from January 2011 of £146,003,754,510.17 – it is anyone’s game!  
So who has spent what?
Central Government
Local Government
Emergency Services
Non-Departmental Public Bodies
So year to date we are at £146billion, (or £146 000 billion if you are in the US), and on track for round about £200bn by the end of 2011.  That is a lot of money.  But is only about £2.5k (at the moment) for each person in the UK.  Note that the NHS spends almost twice as much as all the councils put together, and that Quangos (while spending a hefty £3bn) are really only a couple of percent of the total - getting rid of them will not make a big difference.

So, if you are a small business interested in supplying the UK public sector, remember there is a lot of opportunities to target - even if the total spend is due to come down in future.

And if you are not then it is worth trying to understand where the money is going.

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