Friday, 16 September 2011


Just over a week ago my laptop started giving me warning messages saying that a fatal drive crash was imminent.  I talked to Dell who started walking me through diagnostics, and then quickly stopped listening to the diagnostics and started arranging for a new hard disk drive.   It arrived on Monday, and now (late on Friday afternoon) I think I am about done with installing software and restoring it to where it was.  Oh, and extending my warranty just in case.

I was able to carry on working on other computers, and because as soon as I got the error messages I backed everything up to an external drive.  Which I copy to another external drive, and store each in different buildings - though if the whole town blows up I am in trouble.

I know it is a cliche, but really - if you haven't backed up recently, do it now.  That is now!  The interuption to your business could be fatal.
One thing I use that helps is Dropbox - see here.  This is a free web based utility that makes it easy to sync files between computers, and your phone.  It also acts as a backup for your documents, so you don't lose them if your HDD crashes.  There is a paid for service, and it used to be that I could get more free space if I invited you to join, but really this is a public service announcement not an advert.

Back up now.  Just in case.

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