Friday, 30 September 2011

Last Quarter Training programme

Incredible as it seems with the weather at the moment the warmest since May, but tomorrow is the beginning of the last quarter of 2011.  So I thought I should quickly outline the training programmes we are delivering before the end of the year.  As always these are run through a variety of providing organisations, which I can either direct you to or you can look up on the net.

I shall be doing six events for BIP Solutions;

Project Management
9th November -  London
16th November – Birmingham
6th December – Manchester

11 October 2011 – Birmingham – Rights to Challenge
18 October – Leeds – Supply the public sector workshop 1 & 2
1 November – Leeds – supply the public sector workshop 3 & 4

I shall also be running four 5 day programmes, two in London -
The Purchasing Management Masterclass, and 5 day Purchasing MBA, and 2 for another company in KL International Trade under the WTO  and the Complete course in Purchasing Management.

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