Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"The future is already here..

it's just not evenly distributed."  William Gibson.

One of my favourite quotes (I shoehorn it into quite a lot of presentations - sorry).

An example of the truth of this can be found in a recent blog entry here, by Mark Evanier - writer of the very funny Groo the Wanderer comics, and much else.    He listed the technology he used on a recent trip that was not available say 10 years ago.  It is an extensive list. 

We often don't notice the incremental changes in our world brought about by technology - apart occassionally to laugh at the huge mobile phones that people carry in 80s movies.  Or is it 90s movies?  We don't notice how the plots of movies have changed because technology means we can send a text message to the Police for help, or something similar.  How would the end of The Italian Job have been if Michael Caine's idea had been "I'll get my phone out and call the Italian AA"?

The world keeps changing.  Do try to keep up.

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