Monday, 4 May 2020

Advanced Purchasing Management - EuroMaTech online 18/19 May 2020

We have scheduled one of our most popular courses for the EuroMaTech group as an on-line programme on 18/19 May 2020.  This has been running and been continually adapted for a decade.

The face to face programme is 5 days of content, and obviously we are having to trim a few bits of content and move fast to get it done in 2 days.  But on the positive side, it is available wherever you are, and we will cover most of the material - but not with many exercises or breakout sessions which I know are appreciated by delegates.  As indeed are our excellent training facilities around the world.  But at least you will be able to guarantee your favourite beverages and snacks if you are providing them yourself.  And it is cheaper.

The course will run from 8:30 am Dubai time (5:30am UK time).  I'm getting up early, so I hope that you will join us.

Full details and booking form are here.

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