Wednesday, 20 May 2020


One thing that just occurred to me is that thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, I haven't touched a coin for maybe two months.  When I shop I use contactless cards (my wife uses Applepay and is quite annoyed when stores don't accept it).  I DO use bank notes - these are handed to my son to go and buy odds and ends from the shops.  Oddly enough there never seems to be any change...

So, we have been getting used to the concept of a cashless society for half a decade.  Sweden is often seen as being at the front of that trend (see picture).  I just wonder if this crisis is going to accelerate that process?  

Now there are advantages and disadvantages of a cashless society (is it a good or bad thing that all of your spending can be tracked?), but as is often the case - there may be no going back.

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