Wednesday, 10 June 2020

EuroMaTech webinar Crisis Managment 14th June 2020 - 9:30UK

I shall be one of the hosts for an online webinar from my colleagues EuroMaTech in Dubai.
This free of charge event gives an opportunity to think about the challenges and opportunities created by the current pandemic, and to see in action some of the trainers you might meet on our courses.  Details here.

I shall of course be talking about Supply Chains and the crisis.

You might note that this is due to be running at the same time as I was due to be running Restarting International Supply Chains.  Well, I am afraid that in this time we are having to be flexible and we have decided to reschedule that course.  (This is why I say I have the easier job in training - I just have to write and present.  I don't have to do all the admin) I'll let you know the new date asap.

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