Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chemical Business Networking Group

The CBNG (or just CBN) is exactly what it says - a networking group for people in the UK Chemical Business. The membership is drawn from across the whole range of business, but historically draws most strongly from the Chemicals Manufacturing sector. Membership costs nothing, but is by invitation and limited to 140 members. Meetings are 3 times per year and consist of nothing more elaborate than an opportunity to mingle, a pay your own way lunch, and then a chat across the tables. Occassionally we have a guest speaker. The meetings alternate between Manchester, York and London.

This year I have the honour of being co-chairman with Roger Anderson of Griffin Management - a recruitment consultancy specialising in the chemical industry. If you would like to attend then please drop me a line at info@pawa.co.uk, and I will be happy to chat about it. I am particularly keen to continue to attract further members of the manufacturing base, so the we don't end up with too many "enablers" and too few "do-ers" like some networking groups.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Excellence in Public Sector Procurement

Along with Stuart Emmett of Learn and Change, I have been commissioned to write a book on Excellence in Public Sector Procurement by Cambridge Academic. This will be part of their successful "Excellence in...." series, to which Stuart has already contributed a number of titles. The first draft is due in June 2009, for publication early in 2010. It will be available via Amazon, and hopefully CIPS and direct from the authors and publishers. I would like to say "all good booksellers" but there are very few books on procurement that actually get onto the bookshelves - maybe this will be an exception.

I would be grateful for any comments on best (or worst) practices that we should ensure that we include in the book. Case studies also always welcome.