Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OECD: Innovation and Trade in Pharmaceuticals

The OECD has just published a document on the links between Trade and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I was an (unnamed) contributor to the study, which I think is quite interesting. The study was not able to take account of the developments in the industry in the past quarter (the closing of a number of UK based R&D facilities), but highlights the UKs strong position in pharmaceuticals, and the dominance of the developed world. Although India is growing strongly, this is still an industry based in, and for, the "west".

Over time this will surely change, but for the moment the question for Western economies must be how do we build on and maintain this advantage?

The paper can be found here.

A previous study I was involved with looked at Chemicals. It is possible that a revised document will bring together both of these studies later in the year.

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