Monday, 21 January 2013

More books

As has been hinted at in previous posts, I now have the go-ahead for two new books - The Quick Guide to Purchasing Management, and the Quick Guide to Purchasing Negotiation.  They will probably come out in that order because I have more notes for the former than the latter.  I suspect there will be more interest in the Negotiation book, but I hope I am wrong.
The books will be shorter than Excellence in Public Sector Procurement, but are intended to be in depth studies rather than general introductions.  They will be applicable to both public and private sector Purchasing. 

The timescale for publication relies on me writing them, but I am hopeful that both (or at least one) will see print this year.  That might seem slow, but so am I and so is the print publication cycle. We have not yet decided on whether will be electronic editions, and that probably depends on the Kindle sales we have achieved for other books - which I shall not find out about until March or so.

I might trial some sections of the books hear, so please feel free to comment and improve them ahead of publicaction.

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