Monday, 21 June 2021

New UK government best practices in procurement - Sourcing Playbook May 2021

 We are still waiting to hear what the new UK public procurement regulations will be - the Green Paper consultation finished in March 2021, and though I don't know any more than anyone else, I will be surprised if new legislation is in place much before the end of the year.

What is new though is the updated guides to some practical applications of procurement in UK government.  The Outsourcing Playbook has now become the Sourcing Playbook in its 3rd annual revision.  There are also good documents on bid evaluation, Should Cost modelling, and Competitive Dialogue.

All are at the link here.  Lots of good stuff for both public sector buyers, and those selling to the public sector.  And general procurement too, come to that.

I am less enamored of the recent Procurement Policy Note 5/21, which I don't think says much that is not obvious (Public Procurement should support public priorities. Really.)  But, there is nothing to really disagree with.

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